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CommunityAccounts, Featu...Sending documen...Bounced signer emails
 8/28/2014 9:11 AM
If a signer's email bounces because it was an incorrect email address and it gets returned to DocVerify from the receiving party that the email is invalid, then you will be able to update the email address after you get the notification from DocVerify.

Please follow the steps below to correct the email address.

1.Sign in to DocVerify
2.Click "Contract Mgmt"
3.Click the "Out to be Signed" tab.
4.Look for the document, and click the first Email icon with an exclamation mark on it. The icon legends below the tabs also provide additional info.
5.Enter the new email address
6.Click "Update" when done
CommunityAccounts, Featu...Sending documen...Bounced signer emails

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