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CommunityAccounts, Featu...Managing your a...Child account is disabled
 12/8/2014 10:06 AM
If a child account that is under the control of a parent master account is disabled, then that user will receive a message stating that the account is disabled when they attempt to sign in to DocVerify.

The account can get disabled for two reasons. Either the master account doesn't have enough licenses or the master account admin has intentionally disabled the child account.

If you have enough licenses, and you want to re-enable the child account, please follow these steps.

1. Sign in to DocVerify with the Master account credentials. The account that the child account resides under.
2. After signing in, click on "My Account"
3. Click the "View Modify Subscription" tab
4. Click on the "User Management" link
5. Next to the person's name, click on the enable icon to re-enable their account.

After that is done, they should be able to sign in to their account again.
CommunityAccounts, Featu...Managing your a...Child account is disabled

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